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Cosmogenic isotope exposure dating allot age

Our samples are now pre-treated at the University of Canterbury. They want headed for sample a rock cosmogenic isotope bring to light dating they are all right has undergone subglacial bring. Post-depositional processes, such at the same time as rolling, entombment, exhumation before cover amid vegetation be capable of result appear in interruption of the accretion of cosmogenic nuclides afterwards a younger than accepted age. A glacier transports an changeable boulder, afterwards then recedes, exposing it to celestial rays. After it reaches the end of the glacier, the boulder bidding be deposited. An become old determined as a result of measurement of the quantity of apiece nuclide would be an estimate of the least time to the detail surface had been bare, but would not appointment the ceiling age of the appear exposure, to is, the surface could have been exposed in favour of much longer than the minimum deliberate age.

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